"oddities and leftovers of urban life"

Right now, I am interested in things I'd like to call 'oddities and leftovers of urban life'. I see myself as a documentarian, more as a collector than a creator. I collect scenes that already exist, without necessarily always interfering with them. Things that have been created or transformed by nature, man or coincidence.
I try to give importance to the easily overlooked, things that tell a story and something about the world we live in. Small things that astonish me, irregularities and details.

Thursday, 15 May 2008



How I can describe my work and my working methodology is that I try to act on impulse, work intuitively. I find it very difficult to work along a given concept, guidelines or briefs. I attempt to create context through the combination of different images. How do we perceive images in correlation to each other?
I like simplicity and minimalism. I don't feel the need to interfere, stage of pose. I rather document and capture memories.